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nang cap may doc loi xe may motoscan 7 pro phien ban 2023

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nang cap may doc loi xe may motoscan 7 pro phien ban 2023 Empty nang cap may doc loi xe may motoscan 7 pro phien ban 2023

Post by Admin Wed Jun 07, 2023 3:56 pm

The motorcycle error reader market is also segmented for many customers from low to high. So there are many mid-range brands with basic functions. The Motoscan 7 is one of the first error readers to appear in the Vietnamese market. Motoscan 7 is still very popular with car repairmen to apply FI car repair.

Origin of motorcycle error reader fi Motoscan 7

fi Motoscan 7 motorcycle error reader provided by DTDAuto manufacturer, research, design, and manufacture in Vietnam.

DTDAuto manufacturer specializes in researching, designing and manufacturing high-tech equipment used in auto and motorcycle repair workshops, with updated and modern technology. Above all, the product is researched and developed in accordance with the needs of the Vietnamese people and the whole country of Vietnam.

Products manufactured by DTDAuto always meet high standards in both the fields of science, technology and professional training at the commercial level and have been selected by many vocational schools, training centers and auto repair shops. use.

 In the coming time, DTDAuto will make more efforts to bring high quality Vietnamese products to meet the needs of Vietnamese people. DTDAuto is always happy to share information to support customer advice in terms of expertise and possible areas.

fi MOTOSCAN 7 Pro motorcycle error reader specialized for motorcycles and motorbikes

Smarttool2 motorcycle fault diagnosis machine is the market leader. The Motoscan motorcycle repair machine is ranked 2nd in the market.

MOTOSCAN is an impressive product researched and manufactured by DTDAuto Vietnam. After nearly 7 years of development, MOTOSCAN has become the leading product in PGM-FI generation motorcycle diagnostic and repair technology.

When it comes to professional, quality and effective motorcycle diagnostics, everyone mentions DTDAuto Vietnam's MOTOSCAN vehicle fault detector.

MOTOSCAN motorcycle repair machine is used in repair shops, vocational schools to detect errors, repair electrical and electronic systems of most new generation motorcycles using ignition, fuel injection, switch. Fire, abs, smart key, ode, ecu... in Vietnam market and other countries around the world.

Professional tools MOTOSCAN motorcycle repair machine for motorcycle and motorbike repair shops for many years: fault identification, engine system repair, ABS; automatic smart key programming; automatic ECU test, automatic engine technical analysis, professional intelligent diagnosis without OBD fault code, ODO calibration, ECU signal simulation, loading and upgrading of manufacturer's standard software in ECM, SCU...Moreover, a full range of modern multifunctional testing and measuring functions for professional motorcycle repair shops.
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fi MOTOSCAN 7 Pro motorcycle error reader upgraded to a new version

Up to now, the MOTOSCAN series has been upgraded to the PRO version. The latest model MOTOSCAN 7 Pro was successfully updated and upgraded on November 15, 2022.

In the process of perfecting the product, the latest version of the MOTOSCAN motorcycle repair machine has added many modern functions. Thanks to that, it can be compared with big brands like smarttool2.

 MOTOSCAN 7 Pro motorcycle error reader, besides keeping the basic functions such as reading and deleting errors, smartkey, ... The manufacturer DTDAuto has updated with new functions and many new models to make the machine the best.


- Automatic vehicle identification and correct OBD connection for all manufacturers

- Altitude setting and ECM reset: YAMAHA

• AI-DIAG function: diagnose AI technology: HONDA, YAMAHA

• ECU TUNER function:

- Total up to 107 types of ECM for HONDA: KEIHIN & SHINDENGEN

- Rescuing 15 types of ECM whose password has been changed and loaded with errors caused by other devices

- Automatic accurate detection of small ECM: KEIHIN

• ODO function: a total of 130 vehicles of all kinds by 2022, full of utilities

• ECU TESTER function: total 38 types of ECM (small and ACG), CKP, IACV


- Added function of simulating CKP ACG signal (04 Hall): HONDA

- Added VSS signal emulator (K-LINE): YAMAHA EXCITER (2015-2018)

• IMMOBILISER/ SMART KEY function: new car until 2022

• TOOL function: measuring instrument A/F, BAT, PUSLE

• SEARCH function: full technical information of vehicles

• MANAGER function: workshop management function on MOTODATA

• Comes with MOTOBOX accessories

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Where to buy MOTOSCAN motorcycle error reader?

Hopefully from the sharing that the article sent to you will get useful information for you. G7 equipment prestigious address - quality specializes in selling genuine motorcycle fault diagnosis machines of all kinds with preferential prices. Besides, G7 also provides equipment for repairing motorcycles - cars - travel - trucks. Customers are assured of quality.

In addition, we have a team of enthusiastic consultants. Support free shipping within Ho Chi Minh City. The policy of warranty, maintenance and repair ensures the interests of customers.
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